Custom Furniture

Custom Sofas

Are you ready to sit down on your comfy sofa after a long stressful day? Our Custom Sofas Scottsdale allows you to meet the right balance between relaxation and luxury. You can choose from a vast array of colors, styles, materials, and more. You simply start by choosing the shape of sofa or sectional you are interested in. We provide the most excellent services in Scottsdale.

Keep in mind that almost all our sofas can be customized to suit your style and home perfectly!

The sofa often sets the character to your living room. We design and manufacture custom sofas with the finest materials and we take pride in providing our clients with prompt delivery of their orders and a wide range of fabrics to choose from.

Keep in mind that almost all our sofas can be customized to suit your style and home perfectly! We also do many other types of Furniture Upholstery.

Custom Headboards

There are so many wall coverings available, and it is hard to know what the right choice for the desired look is. One difference that upholstered headboards offer is a softness and a three dimensional element. Some people do not have architectural elements in their home that provide movement and the look of dimension beyond furnishings and finishes. However this kind of layering can lead to creating a unified space and a visually balanced room.

Upholstering and creating a pattern, especially in geometric forms, makes flat walls appear more alive. There are so many ways to get a great look using fabric, upholstery panels, patterns, and acoustical for additional soundproofing. The very basic way to get a high attention wall is by using a thick fabric on the walls. This will not be as three dimensional as a padded wall, but depending on the fabric; you can create a surface that makes people want to touch it and lightens up the room. There is a particular way to adhere this kind of wall covering which can be explained by your Desert Design Group Consultant.

Custom Dining Chairs, Ottomans, Benches & Beds

We’re starting with our boldest find! So bold that “bold” is part of its name. The DDG Bold Chair features all-cotton duck cloth decorated with an optic prism design. With a statement this big, it helps to keep the rest of the room simple. For a more subtle effect, go with an uneven stripe in gray and white. The DDG Striped Chair, a piece inspired by Mid-Century design, works well in modern spaces.

Needing just a touch of pattern? Try an upholstered ottoman or bench.” Even better” turn a patterned ottoman into a coffee table to create a vibrant focal point for the living room.