Window Treatments

Add layers of volume, texture, and effortless design appeal to any room with our custom Curtains & Drapery, hand-crafted in the USA using precision pattern-matching, double-turned hems and color-coordinated thread. Your view will always be uniquely your own, whether your taste runs quietly neutral or bold and bright.

Window Valances

Window valances are an excellent option for dressing up bare windows, and adding flare to drapes and curtains. You may have thought about decorating your window treatments after seeing a great valance in a design catalog, but when it comes to finding the right valance for your own windows in a particular room it can be challenging. The exact valance in that catalog is unlikely to be the right one for your home windows, but we can help you find a beautiful option to add style to your home.
The Window Valance Scottsdale options are draperies which cover only the top section of the window. These window treatments can sometimes be used alone to create a subtle decorative accent at the top of the window, or they may be used with window shades or curtains.

Valances are very popular with interior designers, and they are used as a concealer for the “eye-sore” of rods and tracking. Valances come in all shapes and sizes, and there are several categories which suit a particular style of room.

The Best Approach for Creating Great Window Valances:
Great window valances are those which complement the shape and style of your windows, drapes, and/or color scheme of the room. For the most perfect window valances, you need to be conscious of the height of the window to your ceiling. Long valances on small windows don’t always work, and vise versa. Tapered valances are best suited for curved top or round windows as they follow the arch lines.

Of course color is important in completing the design of your room. Valances don’t need to match perfectly, but the closer in color and texture the better. This will then help incorporate the valances as a finishing piece to your room decor, rather than an afterthought item.

Like many other areas of interior design for your home, you can get consultation on the best selection for your valance design by one of our experts at Desert Design Group. Our qualified interior designers can help through their recommendations and knowledge of what is the best option for your home. In the long run, this will save you time and money.

Soft Treatments

Soft treatments are generally window coverings made of fabric. While traditionally soft treatments have been produced by independent work rooms (places where seamstresses do their magic), more and more of the industry leaders are bringing soft treatments into their official list of offerings. Given the variety of options and material choices, soft treatments generally take a bit more legwork to design and produce – be prepared to look at lots of material (sometimes best done in a showroom environment) and spend time figuring out the type of look you want.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades offer the clean, classic vision that is suitable to any taste or decor style. The fine fabrics and color combinations make any room look amazing. They settle smoothly and gracefully into soft folds when they have been raised, and there are many designs that can fit to any budget and style.

Roman Shades Scottsdale adds drama and depth to your room, and they provide insulation to save on energy costs. Choose from several different fold options including balloon, cascading, tear drop, and relaxed styles.

Customize Your Roman Shades To Combine Form With Function:


Imagine opening all of the shades in your home with the touch of a button. The ultimate in convenience and control, motorized shades are a beautiful addition to any home. Our custom motorized shade systems are an ideal choice for family rooms, playrooms, and virtually any room in your home…and best of all, the bedroom! With a lot of choices to select from, it may seem tough to decide on which type of motorized system is the most suitable to your household. Schedule a complimentary consult and price quote from a Desert Design Group specialist to find out more about your motorized shades Scottsdale today.