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Find the great variety of upholstery in our shop

No matter what you need to be upholstered, we have great variety of fabrics from which you can choose from. We know reupholstering is not so easy and not everyone can do it.  If you have  solid furniture with fine quality, and you decided to rearrange the size and style. If your fabric is not the preferred one or just out of style, it is usually less expensive to reupholster than to replace high quality furniture unit.

Our talented team have extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of upholstery. They will bring you to complete satisfaction, after all, is our highest priority. We are proud to offer the highest standard products at affordable rates, for every need and style. Our experienced staff will to assist you in measuring your windows, and finding the perfect fit and fashion.

We can offer you custom built sofas and chairs Desert Design Group  has the experience to work on any and all types of furniture.  When it comes to designing and upholstering, customer satisfaction is top priority. Desert Design Group  takes into account customer design requirements as well as comfort and style. Desert Design Group  prides itself on the quality of its craftsmanship and its relationships with its customers. Our goal is to make your dream into reality!

Desert Design Group has been in the business for more than 10 years years and we know everything there is to know about upholstery and sewing. We have a great variety of fabrics to choose from, that will satisfy every taste. We have a team of highly trained and experienced interior designers, who can meet and exceed all your requirements. Our company is proud to offer first class upholstery furniture to the community of the Scottsdale, AZ area. We know that the task isn't easy and not everyone can perform it, but trust in our expertise and you won't be disappointed.

Whether your style is antiques, classic or post modern, our experts will meet and exceed your specific needs and requirements. We offer custom re-upholstery for:

  • chairs
  • lining chairs
  • Headboards
  • benches
  • sectionals
  • custom sofas and many more...

We have all the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding results in any given task. We use advanced machinery and tools to offer products of the highest quality. Upholstery shop Our company works in a prompt and efficient manner and we are also proud to offer the most affordable prices in the industry.

Our experienced and talented staff have been providing our customers with unique designer solutions and ideas not only for upholstery furniture, but also for window treatment to put the final touches to each room. Don't hesitate to change your home environment in the way you will like it best, our experts are here to offer our professional help.

 Desert Design Group has been providing the community of Scottsdale, AZ with first-class services for over a decade. We are renowned throughout the area for our professionalism, honesty and attention to details. We are also proud to be affiliated with The American Society of Interior Designers. Feel free to call our hotline at (480) 368-5425 and learn all about our prices and services. Do not waste anymore of your valuable time and contact us to make a consultation at any time.