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Types of Window Treatments

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These days, the choice of different window treatments is restricted only by your imagination and budget. Interior designers are invariably creating new, original and creative designs for the leading window treatment manufacturers. Styles and trends change each year like the fashion industry. Old favorites get a complete makeover and the original designs follow the demands of the consumer.

You will be most probably overwhelmed by the countless options available for window treatments, especially after browsing through 1,000’s of interior design magazines and websites. Here is some information about the most popular window treatments, so you can begin making an inform selection of the best window treatment for every room in your newly build or remodeled Scottsdale AZ home.

First it is best to discuss the slim differences between draperies and curtains. Their primary function is to block sound and light, cold and heat as well as provide your home with privacy. Homeowners adore them because they can be extremely decorative, adding to their home’s d?cor.

Technically speaking, curtains are typically made of lighter weight fabric and are meant to be beautifying and showcase a window. They are usually hung on a rod through a rod pocket with the help of tabs or rings and remain fixed, unless adjusted with tie-backs.

Drapes are typically made of heavier fabric. They are lined, pleated and hung on a traverse rod with a string so they can be easily open and close. Drapes are exploited both for decoration and shielding out light. They are available in many styles, including silk, thermal and blackout drapes.

Popular additions to shades or drapes are valances, which are ornamental top treatments that disguise the mounting hardware. They can be arched, pleated, flat or gathered, shaped or straight, and can be mounted on poles, dust boards, or rods.

For more flowing look you can mount cornices, which are padded box shapes coated in fabric and trim. The bottom edge can be shaped in number different ways. They are installed above the window, but still disguise the mounting hardware. Many decorative edges are available for cornices. In some cases, homeowners prefer to have custom cornices designed and made to match the material and style of their furniture.

Cascades and swags are popular top treatments for windows. Swags are very much alike valances except they are usually draped over in folds over a rod that is mounted on a board or runs horizontally across it. Cascades are fabrics that fall in a ziz-zag pattern either across the top or on the sides. They can be placed over swags or underneath them.

Window shades are quite popular choice of window covering as they help regulate the amount of light in a room and offer an attractive decorative alternative to blinds. There are a number different types of windows shades to choose from including Roman, cellular (translucent), solar, pleated, motorized, balloon, roller (the simplest of shades) and many more.

Window blinds differ from window shades in that blinds are usually made from hard materials such as metal, wood or vinyl and have louvers or slats. Blinds can be hung either horizontally or vertically and come in a variety of styles, including vertical blinds, wood blinds, mini blinds and Venetian blinds.

If you want a window treatment for your Scottsdale AZ home that does not involve curtains, because you have limited floor and wall space, window shutters are a good alternative. Window shutters usually fold away to the side when opened and complement the architecture of the window frame. Like shades and blinds, they are effective at adding privacy to your home and keeping the sun out.