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What Type of Fabrics Can I Use for Reupholstering My Sofa?

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Although upholstering can be pretty easy and quick, it’s not as simple as one would imagine. Choosing the design, padding, fabric and style of a piece of furniture is what makes it complicated. If you want to reupholster your furniture on your own, there are a couple of things you need to know and look for in order to do a good job at it.

Of course, that depends on the furniture you’re upholstering and the amount of wear and tear you expect to expose it to.

  • window treatmentCouches and sofas. Sofas wear out quickly. Depending on the model and make, sofas can be either soft and fluffy or relatively hard and not as comfortable. What you need to look for when upholstering such pieces of furniture is an upholstery shop that offers quality fabrics. After all, it needs to stand a lot of wear not only from sitting, but also from laying and jumping kids. Sometimes pets can have a significant negative impact on your upholstered furniture but that depends on the kind of animal you have and the way it’s trained. As an upholstery shop, our advice is to look for durability every time you need to upholster something. For example, leather is a great option if you can afford it.
  • Cushions and pillows. They are usually not attached to the furniture and are easy to remove from their location. That means they will most likely get thrown around by kids and pets. This is bound to put a lot of wear on them not to mention the stains, so make sure you pick something stain resistant. Avoid bright colors and fragile fabrics!

The best thing to do before starting a DIY upholstering project is consulting a professional. They can tell you what’s most suitable for the exact type of furniture you have and the most suitable fabrics and colors for that. If you need any help with that, why not give Desert Design Group of Scottsdale, AZ a try? If you need advice or assistance, you can reach our upholstery shop at (480) 368-5425.