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Shutters vs. Drapery the eternal battle

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Have you ever had to make the tough choice between drapery or shutters? If so, then you know how difficult that choice can be. They both look good and have the same use. Both will provide you with the privacy and sun protection you need. But beyond their simple functions, they are two completely different things from a designer point of view.

window treatmentShutters are complex constructions made of either wood, or vinyl and aluminium. They are solid constructions consisting of louvres and shutter frame, which is placed around the window frame. These louvres (also sometimes called slats) are installed in the frame. Usually, the shutters are divided in two separate parts that open either side of the window. The slats are adjustable, with a pole used to open or close them.

It is considered, that shutters come from Greece and spread to the rest of the Mediterranean countries. The shutters biggest benefit is the opportunity to control the amount of air and sunlight coming into the room. However, they are really expensive, especially wooden ones. The bigger they are, the more expensive. Another problem with shutters is the maintenance. It may not be very hard, but it’s a dull and time-consuming job.

Shutters are nice, but you can’t go through them like you can with drapery. On the other hand shutters are adjustable. You can control the amount of light in the room precisely, while drapery is either on, or off. The other obvious difference between both is the direction of light deflection. Drapery covers windows vertically, while shutters cover horizontally. These are some things to consider before making your choice. You have to rely on your taste in design and comfort, and choose the one that would make your place look better.

If you can’t imagine how it would look like, go to the local upholstery shop and ask for advice. They can help you with the drapery. Our advice is to get the drapery and try it out. Cloth window coverings are a classic. It can be formal or casual. It can express various emotions and combined with the room’s decoration, can make it more comfortable. That depends entirely on the fabric you choose.

So, let’s talk money! Shutters are far more expensive than drapery, ask in any upholstery shop. Shutters are permanently attached to the window and can last indefinitely. Drapes, on the other hand, have a higher probability of fading and wearing out, so their lifespan is shorter. The costs for installing drapes, however are significantly smaller. Again, it comes down to your taste in decorating.

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