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Shopping for Upholstered Furniture

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Shopping for upholstered furniture in Scottsdale AZ may be fun and enjoyable experience but should be done carefully. Once you are at the upholstery shop start the choosing process by asking about the frame since it is essential for choosing the best upholstery. Is it layered hardwood, kiln dried hardwood, softwood product or an engineered wood? Hardwoods like alder, oak, ash, hickory, birch and maple, engineered woods (polymer reinforced composites) and layered hardwoods (plywood) have tight grains and hold nails and screws well.

Look for joints that are reinforced with dowels or blocks or tenon and mortise joints. Luxury furniture oftentimes have corner blocks that have been glued or screwed (sometimes both) for added durability and strength. Choose a furniture piece with a minimum number of joints (fewer joints, fewer chances for failure). These day’s cutting edge manufacturing technology allows many joints to be eliminated.

If there is exposed wood (legs or arms) check the finish quality by running your fingers around the legs and underneath the arms. The touch should feel smooth. Legs should either be screwed in place, an extension of the frame or doweled and glued.

Furniture cushioning affects both comfort and durability. Cushions may contain layers of polyester fiber batting, flexible polyurethane foam, feathers and/or down as well as combinations of these materials. Sometimes separately pocketed steel coils are wrapped within the foam cushion in order to provide an extra level support. Cushioning consisting of polyurethane foam has the ability to provide long service life when it meets industry-accepted specifications and criteria.

Polyester fiber is frequently used on its own or is combined with polyurethane foam or other cushioning materials. While polyester fiber offers a gentle surface feel, sometimes the initial feel changes or disappears quickly as fibers compress.

Cotton batting is barely used in traditional seat cushions. Cotton batting is tough to work with because it tends to compress and as a result changes shape. Cotton can promptly show signs of uneven wear. If you choose an all-cotton futon cushion make sure you will be able to add extra cotton fill if necessary to maintain the appropriate shape. Goose down as well as duck and goose feathers are sometimes used in high-end cushioning.

All at all, no matter the frame construction, it is essential that the cushioning be evenly distributed and is capable of concealing the feel of the frame and springs.

Fabric selection is your chance to express your preferences in patterns, textures and color. Fabrics with durable fibers and tight weaves like nylon or polypropylene generally stand up to the most active use. More formal fabrics such as brocades, satins or damasks are most appropriate for seating where practicality is less of a concern.

Bear in mind that fabrics with a pattern woven in tend to resist wear better than those with a printed pattern.

When you are in the upholstery shop showroom, test the fabric for strength. You can do that by pulling the fabric sample in different directions. The material should not break. Run a fingernail over the fabric surface. The fabric should not show signs of abrasion or break. Take enough time to sit on a chair or sofa. Some seating characteristics take several minutes to detect.

You can quickly note any defects and imperfections by making these easy checks:

  • -check the corners and seams for unwanted dimples or tucks
  • -check for snags and rips that can be caused by pulling the covering too tightly
  • -check the edges and corners; if you feel the frame, the padding or cover may wear out prematurely
  • -ensure that the fabric decorative embroidery and patterns match, and are centered and evenly spaced

At Desert Design Group Sofas, Quilting and Bedding of Scottsdale AZ , we have experienced experienced consultants that will be more than happy to help you choose the most suitable upholstery that will be the best for your furniture.