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3 Ways to Spruce Up a Room

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Customize Yours by Visiting an Upholstery Shop

If you have just completed a total room makeover, you should be proud of the results achieved. However, much as you enjoy the new d?cor in the room you renovated, there is one thing that stands in the way of achieving complete happiness. The other rooms now look a little dull in comparison. What is to be done? The solution is simple and inexpensive – new shutters and drapery, custom sofas and reupholstered furniture.

1. New Window Treatments – Shutters and Drapery

Window treatments are not hard to install and can totally transform any room. Shutters never go out of style and have a neat appearance. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room, thus increasing the value of your home. Shutters are very durable, their color does not fade over time, and are always in fashion. Drapery – When it comes to beautiful window treatments, nothing can beat drapery. Draperies are available in a variety of fabrics, colors and patterns. Cotton, silk, wool, acrylic, and nylon are the most common drapery fabrics. Which one you are going to choose depends on your individual taste and specific needs.

2. Custom Sofas

A single custom sofa can make a big difference to the way your room looks. It will add a touch of class to any premises. When custom furniture is made, attention is paid to every detail. It may be a bit more expensive than ordinary furniture, but the added cost is often compensated by the expert craftsmanship and high quality materials. The frame is sturdier, the fabrics are longer lasting and the cushioning is more supportive. Custom furniture has a longer life than pre-made furniture, not to mention that you have a greater freedom of design.

3. Reupholstered Furniture

Your old furniture is of higher quality than you can find on the market today, but it does not look so good anymore? Have no worries – simply visit an upholstery shop. You will preserve your precious pieces of furniture, while giving them a brand new and customized look.

These are just 3 simple steps you can take to make all the rooms of your home more attractive. If you need a furniture contractor and upholstery shop in Scottsdale, AZ, consult us. We are Desert Design Group, and can do wonders with your home’s interior.